I wore my new Zulu & Zephyr jumpsuit to a wedding on the weekend. I was so comfortable the whole night and there was none of my usual pulling down hemlines, adjusting boobs into place or pulling up control undies. I sat on low couches and high bar stools with ease which is a real pleasure when you’ve become more used to strategically jump-sliding up onto things with legs crossed and having the back of your legs stick to leather. Jumpsuits/Pantsuits/Playsuits forever!1800236_10152247187939359_1352633846_n


We had our dog niece stay the other weekend. I don’t know if that’s the correct way to say Dave’s brother and girlfriend stayed with us and brought their dog.. anyway they had a wedding so we got to spend lots of time with little Minnie. She is a treasure and Dave asked me “Can Minnie sleep in bed with us?” and I was all like “Of course she can, she can sleep right in the middle around our heads because she is tiny and doesn’t have much fur so needs to be nice and warm.” And then he basically melted because she is the sweetest thing that somehow smells of baby powder.

photo copy


photo copy 2


Minnie is an Italian Greyhound, she’ll only weigh about 4 kilos by the time she is fully grown.


After a bit of a flat week Dave and I headed to the coast on Friday night for a little time out and a break from the cold.

The weather was amazing/beautiful/perfect and I very much enjoyed frolicking about in harem pants, thongs and a singlet – such a strong coastal look. We had a little date night on Saturday and went for Vietnamese which was super tasty and fresh, burst in your mouth (splash in your eye) good.

I did a little bit of shopping and scored two pairs of Vans for $50 from Surf Dive N Ski. They had a two for one special on sale clothing but I asked if it included shoes and got a “Well seeing as you asked, yeah sure” Unfortunately the same sweet deal doesn’t extend to their website though. I also purchased some work appropriate slacks for when I am ‘doing business.’ Doing business is in inverted commas because it should be taken with a grain of salt, my degree of business involves complaining about the lack of Artline pens and lighting miniature candles.

As a left handed person I am passionate about Artline pens as I believe they smudge less. Happy International left handers day to all, today is OUR day!Β 

On our way home on Sunday we drove via Cabramatta to stock up on groceries from the Asian supermarkets. Last night for dinner we had laksa with a side of steamed pork buns.

Other things that happened in Cabramatta.

There was a chihuahua on the glass tabletop of a shop just sitting there in a funny little jacket but the owner would not let me take a photo because he doesn’t like having his picture taken… Wait, what?

I was really interested by how much shoppers touched the fish in the fish market section, they can’t wash their hands anywhere. One lady had her fingers all up in the gills. What is that about?

Ate a Moochi frozen yoghurt and loved the shit out of it.

Watched someone drive on the other side of the road thinking it was a double lane one way street. It definitely wasn’t and the traffic was heavy.

Said “Poor ducks” about 20 times.

photo copy

My coconut flavoured gummi bear and strawberry pearl filled moochi made me so very very happy.

It has been raining on and off over the last couple of weeks and to add to that it’s also freezing, that’s not even an exaggeration, it is legit freezing, the dogs water bowl freezes, the taps freeze over, the car is covered in ice. It started to snow just a little bit the other day, but it was really only sleet which was a disappointing outcome for all who were watching from the living room window.

P1030641 copy


Hunter gumboots, French Connection leggings, Bassike striped singlet and Bassike wool knit – hand me down.

I’m not wearing my khaki parka in these photos because it is really ugly and you just don’t need to see it.

photo copy 10

Here I am wearing much the same outfit as before, with the addition of Dave’s denim vest. I am boring I know, but check out my surrounds. Darcy’s Old Wares in Lucknow.

I bought myself one of these rugs from Jumbled this morning, I’m going to use it as a picnic rug.


Jumbled is the shop that I worked in for a little while and I always end up in there buying one thing or another. Pretty much every wedding or birthday gift I’ve bought this year has come from Jumbled. This is where I buy Sohum candles from too, they are my favourite. I just bought the Orangerie candle on Saturday. Dave is trying to put me on a candle allowance, he thinks 1 candle a month is enough. I don’t disagree with him but at the same time I can’t fully commit to the idea.

Dave and I headed to the coast for the weekend to visit his Mum and celebrate our engagement with some of his family. I had such a nice time, we went whale watching, bush walking and had a picnic on Saturday. Dave’s nephew was visiting too so the bush walking came about because he wanted to show us how he wasn’t scared to go into the ‘forest’ because no monsters lived in there.

I was singing ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ but was asked to be quiet as no bears live in this forest and I was being silly.


This little nephew lives in Orange too so he drove back with us on Sunday. He was so well behaved the entire trip and then as we were just getting into town and less than 5 minutes from home he says “I hate it in here, we’ve been driving for forever.” I hear ya buddy, I even slept some of the way but he was awake the entire time, busying himself with books, maps and a happy meal toy. We tried to play I Spy but it is really hard to play that game with someone who can’t read.

Nephew – “I spy with my little eye something beginning with D”

Me – “Dirt”

N – “No, not dirt”

Dave – “Digger” – (All construction equipment is called a digger.)

N – “No, not a digger”

The guessing goes on until I eventually give up.

N – “It’s the sun sillies”

On Saturday night after our day of picnicing Dave’s Mum, Nan, Aunty and I were sitting around the kitchen table talking weddings. I was telling them my ideal wedding dress will likely be some sort of lace kaftan when Dave’s Mum asked if I’d ever seen photos of her wedding, which I hadn’t.

She pulled out the album and it was so fun looking through the photos, she was married at sunset and wore an incredible white maxi dress with a plunging neckline, sleeves that turned to bell at the elbow and it had cutouts around the bottom. It was like something from Free People.

It was a lot like this, but less cheesecloth looking and more crisp white cotton.


I remember photos from my Mum’s wedding but will have to get into the albums when I’m home next, I think her dress was a nude colour, or maybe peach and she had plaits in her hair. I think I’d do plaits too.

And here’s a close up of the ring. I’m obviously colour coordinating my nail polish to the stone here. Enthusiasm.


The ring is an antique made in 1912. The stone in the middle is an amethyst, and the others are diamonds. The band is yellow gold but the face is white gold. I love it so much and have wasted a lot of time over the last few weeks staring at it.

I love the cut off tanks from Isla, I got my first one as a hand me down and now have about 5 and 1 scoop singlet. I love the quality of the cotton, the cuts, the colours.

Along with the Van Ryke bracelet that arrived in the mail yesterday I also received an Isla pocket dress from my very kind and generous friend.

My office is pretty casual so I can get away with high tops and t-shirt dresses so I’m wearing the Isla dress straight away and I am revelling in how comfortable I am right now.


IslaΒ dress, Converse shoes, tights from Woolies.

I am not straightening/blow drying my hair and you can really tell.

My bag is all bent out of shape because my Ipad is too big for it. The only reason I’m trudging around with an Ipad is so I can play Bakery Story. That game is taking over my life. I had to stay up until 11pm the other night so I could serve the trifle once it finished baking. 11pm isn’t late for most but I’m generally asleep on the couch by 9.

Last night for dinner my housemate Georgie made a delicious cottage pie and I picked up a DVD on the way home from work. We watched Beautiful Creatures and it was really good. Perfect Tuesday night!

Today I received this beautiful Van Ryke bracelet in the mail from my friend Meegs.

photo copyΒ I love it to pieces and now can’t stop myself from looking at other Van Ryke jewellery online. Uh oh.

I’ve had a bit of a whirlwind couple of days, I feel like I don’t even know where the weekend went.

My best bud Dave, formerly known as my boyfriend chose Friday of all days, when we were home for lunch (and I was expecting nothing more than turkey on rice crackers) to pop tha question.

The tears flowed freely from my squished up crying face as he stood staring at me from the doorway with a ring box in his hands.

I didn’t end up having my turkey rice crackers, instead I received a beautiful circa 1912 engagement ring. Too emotionally charged to eat lunch, but not so at 9pm when I stuffed my face with pizza and marvelled at how generous the pizza shop were with the prawns. (Do they know we got engaged today? This is amazing. No one ever gives out this many prawns, they must know!)

I don’t want to get all soppy and treat my blog any more like a teenage diary then I already do so I think I better leave it at that before I end up hunched over my computer and frying the wiring with my downpour of happy tears.

photo copy

A casually placed hand on chest to flash ring essential in first shots as an engaged couple.





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